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ANNUAL ELECTION SCHEDULE – 2020–21- Pakistan Solar Association

Annual Election Schedule of Pakistan Solar Association approved by Management Committee on 22 October 2020 is enclosed as per Anx ‘A’

Best Regards,

Mohsin Shaukat

Secretary General

Anx ‘A’


Pakistan Solar Association

1.    Announcement of Election Schedule

In an Management Committee meeting held on 22 October 2020 and Election Schedule for the Executive Committee for the year 2020–21 was approved as under:

       a.   Composition of the Executive Committee will be as under:

             (1)   Corporate Class          –     12 Members

             (2)   Associate Class           –     3 Members

2.     Eligibility to Vote

Eligibility to vote for members will be subject to the following conditions namely:

        a.   The member has completed two years of valid membership of Association on 14 July 2020 and made payment of all dues.

        b.   The member has fulfilled the conditions of membership and renewal thereof of the Association.

         c.   Every member eligible to vote shall deposit with the Secretary General, the specimen signature card along with photograph indicating the status in the firm, company or concern. The right to vote shall be allowed only to the proprietor, partner or the director of the member firm or company or a person not below the rank of General Manager authorized by the board of directors of a public limited company or as the case may be, a multi-national corporation. Such person will be entitled to cast vote at the time of election only if his name has already been registered with the Secretary General and his name appears on the list of voters.

3.    Appointment of Election Commission

Following members are appointed as Election Commission :

a. Chief Election Commission – Rana Shokaib Gulzar

b.   Members     –   (1) Mr. Zeeshan Tariq Khan

                              (2)  Mr. Ahmed Bilal

c.   Mr. Mohsin Shaukat will act as Secretary General of Election Commission.

4.    Election Procedure

       a.   The election Pakistan Solar Association will be conducted according to the procedure laid down in Trade Organization Rules 2013 and the Articles of Association.

       b.   Member firms desiring to change their representative shall intimate changes regarding name of their representative to the Secretary General along with necessary proof of eligibility by  24th October 2020.

       c. The Secretary General Pakistan Solar Association will display on 24th October 2020, the provisional voter list of  all members eligible to vote along with their national tax number, sales tax registration  number (if applicable), the name and national identity card number of their representative. The list shall be forwarded to Regulator and displayed at :

             (1)   Notice board of the head office

             (2)   Website of the Pakistan Solar Association i.e.


       d.   The members who have any objection to the entries in the Provisional list of voters shall send their objections in writing to the Secretary General by 26th October 2020.

       e.   The Secretary General will take action on the objections or changes, and will intimate decision on these objections by 27 October 2020.

       f.    Any person aggrieved by the decision of the Secretary General may make a representation to the Election Commission by 28 October 2020 which shall decide    the representation by 29 October 2020.

       g.   Any person, aggrieved by the decision of the Election Commission or in case the Election Commission fails to decide the representation by 29 October 2020 may make an appeal to the Regulator who shall decide the appeal by 03 November 2020 and his decision in this regard shall be final.

       h.   A copy of final list of voters shall be dispatched to Regulator by Secretary General on 04 November 2020 and be displayed on the following:

             (1)   Notice board of the Head Office of Association.

             (2)   website of Pakistan Solar Association, i.e.


      i.    Within two days of display of the final list of voters, any person, who is eligible to contest election for the vacant post, shall send his nomination, duly proposed and seconded by a duly registered voter each and signed by the candidate, to the Secretary General as under :-

  • Nomination papers will be issued on 06 November 2020.
  • Receive of nomination papers 07 November 2020.
  • Scrutiny of Nomination Papers 08 November 2020.

       j.    On receipt of Nomination Papers, a copy of the final list of voters shall be provided by the Secretary General to each contesting candidate by 08 November 2020.

       k.   The nomination papers will be scrutinized by Election Commission and list of candidates will be displayed by 09 November 2020.

       l.    The objections if any to the nomination of candidates may be filed to the Election Commission by 10 November 2020 who will decide the cases by 11 November 2020.

       m.  Any candidate aggrieved by the decision of Election Commission or if Election Commission fails to decide the matter by 11 November 2020, may file an appeal to the Regulator up to 13 November 2020 who will decide the case by 16 November 2020 and his decision in this regard shall be final.

        n.  Election Commission will issue final list of candidates by 17 November 2020.

5.    Poling Day

       a   The election of the members of Executive Committee shall be held by secret ballot. Neither postal ballot nor proxy shall be allowed; and the polling will be held at Head Office Pakistan Solar Association on 18 November 2020 from 0900 hours to 1600 hours.

       b.  Counting of votes shall take place immediately after the polling hours under the supervision of polling officer in the presence of candidates or their polling agents, if any.

       c.  In the event of equality of votes between two or more candidates the result shall be decided on the basis of a draw conducted by the polling officer on 18 November 2020 in the presence of candidates or their polling agents and a record of the result thereof shall be made.

       d.  Final results may be announced by the Returning Officer immediately after polling.

6.    Election of Office Bearers

       a.   Any person elected as member of Executive Committee shall send his nomination for election as an office bearer (Chairman, Senior Vice-Chairman or Vice Chairman) duly proposed and seconded by an elected Executive Committee member each and signed by the candidate to the Election Commission by 19 November 2020.

       b.   The Election Commission will scrutinize the nomination papers and list of candidates will be displayed by 19 November 2020.

       c. Elections for Office Bearers will be held on 20 November 2020. 0900 to 1100 hours

       d.   Final results will be announced by the Election Commission immediately after polling and result will be displayed/communicated as per following.

       a.    Displayed at notice board of the Pakistan Solar Association head office on 20 November 2020.

       b.    Displayed at Pakistan Solar Association website www.pakistan solarassociation.org on 20 November 2020.

       c.    Submitted to the Regulator by 21 November 2020.

Mohsin Shaukat

Secretary General

Final Voter List 2020-2021

Sr. NoRepresentative NameMember Companiese
1Mr. Muhammad FarhanPower Highway
2Mr. Rizwan RamzanSamber Energy (Pvt) Ltd
3Mr. Salman KhalidSpark Renewable Technologies
4Mr. Nabeel AhmadPakistan Solar Solutions
5Ms. Sarwat ZakirInverex Power Solution
6Mr. Waqas Haroon MoosaHadron Solar (Pvt) Lt
7Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz KhanSMS Communication
8Mr. Muhamad Faheem AshrafZEUS Energy Private Limited
9Mr. Muhammad Ansar MehmoodATS Engineering sale services
10Dr. Mubarak Hussain HaiderSafeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd
11Mr. Muhammad BilalSultani Solar Energy
12Mr. Ahmed NawazH &M Enterprises
13Mr. Muhammad SiddiqueIngenuity (Pvt) Ltd
14Mr. Mustafa MirzaEquinox
15Mr. Malik Gulzar HussainGulshan Solar Energy
16Mr. Muhammad Zain SialSunsol Energy (Pvt) Ltd
17Mr. Ali HassanAPower Engineering & Services
18Mr. Fraaz AftabCellSol Trade (Pvt) ltd
19Mr. Farrukh NayyarFuture Automation System
20  Mr. Muhammad Saleem DiwanDiwan International (Pvt) Ltd
21Mr. Asghar AliAbdullah Solar & UPS
22Mr. Kamran ArshadSolarMax
23Mr. Bilal NaeemBeyond Green Solar Solutions
24Engr. Haris FayyazThe Hyper Technologies
25Mr. AmanUllah SandhuPak Agro Tech International
26Mr. Muhammad Naveed TalibD Brothers Traders Links
27Ch. Imran AhmadFriends Solar Services
28Mr. Baha-Ud-DinPower Solar & Solutions
29Mr. Ubaid Ur RehmanKorien Enterprises & Co.
30Engr. Mubashar AliSolexo Energy (Pvt) Ltd.
31Mr. Adnan ArshadArshad Traders
32Mr. Waqas KhaleeqSmart Solar Solution
33Mr. Shahid Ali RanaSleek Solar International (Pvt) Ltd
34Mr. Imran MoosaTlinks Pakistan
35Mr. ZeeshanThe Solar Company
36Mian Ahmed IrfanTradex Pvt Ltd
37Mr. Nasir MahmoodMTC Solar
38Mr. ShahzadShaheen Solar
39Mr. Haider AliHaider Electronics and Electric
40Mr. Shokaib Gulzar RanaNextage
41Mr. Shah KamalRenewable Energi
42Mr. Muhammad Amjad KhanLomas Energy
43Mr. Ahmad Bilal JavedNisar Solar Energy
44Mr. Muhammad Faaz DiwanDiwan International
45Mr. Syed Muhammad AbbasRenewable Power Pvt LTD
46Mr. Zafar IqbalOkasha
47Mr. Muhammad Muneeb ArshadPremium Petroleum Pvt Ltd
48Mr. Mohsin ul MalikAkhumzada Associates Pvt LTD
49Muhammad Hammad MalikMHM Enterprises
50Amir ChaudhryREAD Solar Pvt Ltd
51Rana AbbasAE Power Alternative Energy Pvt LTD
52HassanE-Cube Solutions
53NadeemSolar Shop
54Faizal ElahiOnais Harbour
55Ali RaffiqueAE Solar Alternative Energy
56Mr. JibranFix Power
57Muhammad AltafEnergy Alternatives
58Umar Mumtaz ChowdryE-Shack Solutions
61Engr. Hafiz Qasim SaeedThe Best Sunvolts (R)
63Faizan ShakeelBe On Solar
64Engr Mubashar AliSolexo Energy Private Limited
65Mr. Alamgir MalikKAN Engineering and Services
66Syed Rizwan AliMakkah solar Power
67Tamoor HaiderEnergy Bros
68Ch. Mohammad EllahiSun Power Pakistan
69Saeed SheikhT4 Technology
70Hamid SuhailQuaid Innovation
72Gul Sher KhanAlpha Renewables smc-pvt ltd
73Saif UllahSaiftech Engineering SMC Pvt LTD
74Muhammad Ikram ChHello Ruchna Communications
75Sohaib IkramEnergy Tracks
76Rana FarhanEco Engineering Concept Pvt Ltd
77Mr irfan nassarRural Energy Solutions pvt ltd
78Hafiz Muhammad ShoaibPantera Energy Pvt LTD
79Mr.Muhammad Farooq NaseemDWP Technology
80Mr.Sheikh Muhammad WaqasIqbal & Son
81Mr.Farid H.JafferJaffer Brothers
82Mr.Almas HyderSpel Technology Support Pvt LTD
83Mr.Munir KhanKBK Electronics Pvt LTD
84Mr.Zubair KhaliqMultiline Engineering Co
85Mr.Ali HassanA Power Engineering & Services
86Lt. Col. (R)Ahmad Fawad FarooqFawad Enterprises
87Mian Waqas AzfarMB SOLAR ENERGY
88NaveedGlaxy power solution


Final Nomination List for PSA EC

Election 2020-2021

Sr. NoCompany NameRepresentative Person
1Read Solar Pvt LTDMr. Amir Pervaiz Chaudhary
2Hadron Solar Pvt LTDMr. Waqas Haroon Moosa
3Zeus EnergyMr. Faheem Ashraf
4Bright Brothers Solutions Pvt LTDMr. Shafiq UR Rehman
5Samber Energy Pvt LtdMr. Muhammad Rizwan Ramzan
6Glaxy Power SolutionMr. Naveed
7Abdullah SolarMr. Asghar Ali
8Power HighwayMr. Muhammad Farhan
9Fix PowerMr. Muhammad Jibran
10Spark Renewable TechnologiesMr. Salman Khalid
11AE Solar Alternative EnergyMr. Ali Rafiq
12Sultani Solar EnergyMr. Muhammad Bilal
13AE Power Alternative Energy Pvt LTDMr. Rana Ghulam Abbas
14Pantera Energy Pvt LTDHafiz Muhammad Shoaib
15Alpha Renewables smc-Pvt LTDMr. Gul Sher Khan








Read Solar Pvt LTD

Mr. Amir Pervaiz Chaudhary


Hadron Solar Pvt LTD

Mr. Waqas Haroon Moosa


Zeus Energy

Mr. Faheem Ashraf


Bright Brothers Solutions Pvt LTD

Mr. Shafiq UR Rehman


Samber Energy Pvt Ltd

Mr. Muhammad Rizwan Ramzan


Galaxy Power Solution

Mr. Naveed


Abdullah Solar

Mr. Asghar Ali


Power Highway

Mr. Muhammad Farhan


Fix Power

Mr. Muhammad Jibran


Spark Renewable Technologies

Mr. Salman Khalid


AE Solar Alternative Energy

Mr. Ali Rafiq


Sultani Solar Energy

Mr. Muhammad Bilal


AE Power Alternative Energy Pvt LTD

Mr. Rana Ghulam Abbas


Pantera Energy Pvt LTD

Hafiz Muhammad Shoaib


Alpha Renewables Smc-Pvt Ltd

Mr. Gul Sher Khan



Sr. No


PSA Office Position



Muhammad Farhan


Power Highway


Waqas Haroon Moosa

Senior Vice Chairman

Hadron Solar Pvt LTD


Gul Sher Khan

Vice Chairman

Alpha Renewables smc-pvt ltd


Hafiz Muhammad Shoaib

Vice Chairman

Pantera Energy Pvt LTD



Vice Chairman

Glaxy Power Solution


Faheem Ashraf

Vice Chairman

Zeus Energy